William Shatner, Sarah Palin; Dr. Dalvir Pannu

I was watching The Late Night show with Conan O’Brien the other night and was immensely entertained with William Shatner’s poetic take-off on Sarah Palin’s speech. I had been an avid follower of “Captain Kirk’s” voyages since I was a kid and have a great admiration for this guy who was able to evolve as an actor through the years. And although Shatner’s career hasn’t always been that hot & suffered typecasting badly after Star Trek and his one attempt at a TV Cop series, he really reinvented himself with Boston Legal. So naturally, being interviewed by his team at the “Heartbeat of America” show was not just a pleasure but an honor as well. The experience was so surreal that I felt I had gone where no man had gone before! Check out the video clips below;

Shatner's Palin Poem Rocks the Web!.dentist dalvir pannu

Shatner's Palin Poem Rocks the Web!

Dr. Pannu on "Heartbeat of America"


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