Could a White Crown Work for You?

A dental crown restores a fractured, deeply decayed, or chipped tooth. Made in a dental lab, a crown covers the entire portion of a tooth that extends above the gum line. In past years, crowns were made of all metal or porcelain fused to metal. Today, however, natural-looking all-porcelain crowns are often used on teeth that show in a smile.

The teeth in the front of your mouth are used for biting, not chewing. They’re also the teeth that show when you smile. Because these front teeth don’t have to endure the crushing pressure exerted on back teeth when you chew, all-ceramic (or all-porcelain) crowns can last for years on front teeth. They look and feel natural, so you won’t have to worry about metal dental work detracting from your white, beautiful smile.

Back teeth, as mentioned above, are subjected to intense pressure. For this reason, metal crowns are still placed on back teeth. In some cases, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns may be used. Another natural looking, durable alternative is a zirconia crown. Zirconia is all-white, much like a ceramic crown, so it looks natural.

If you have a toothache, know that you need new crowns, or want your metal crowns replaced with natural-looking dental work, talk with your Pannu Dental Care dentist today. Pannu Dental Care has four convenient locations to serve you: Cupertino, San Jose, Fremont, and Dublin. We look forward to making you smile!

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