What is invisalign case refinement?

blog1.dentist dalvir pannu

As you can see from the 2 above pictures, the after picture still shows there is still mild crowding; therefore, refinement is necessary to fine tune and perform finishing movements to complete the treatment. Getting a refinement done on your Invisalign treatment can be simple. This means that Invisalign will make more trays for you, until you reach the look you want. Refinement records are the same as the records taken to begin your invisalign treatment. A set of accurate molds are taken and these are sent to invisalign for a new clincheck video to be set up. This video will determine the number of aligners and therefore the refinement treatment time. You wear the refinement aligners in exactly the same way as you did previously. Refinement can be done for 1 or both arches.  Check out the second clincheck video in the above case, it starts from where the AFTER image of first clincheck ends. If any questions about the Invisalign Case refinement, please feel free to as Dr Pannu, Invisalign Elite provider at pannudds@yahoo.com

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