TMJ Treatment for Migraine Relief

  • Do you have chronic headaches or migraines?
  • Do your ears ring or ache all the time?
  • Does your jaw pop or click, or hurt when you chew food?

These symptoms can indicate a problem with the temporomandibular joints, or TMJs. The two hinge joints connect the lower jaw to the skull and allow movement of the mouth. It is not uncommon for the TMJs to become misaligned and irritate associated muscles and nerves to create pain in the face, neck, shoulders, and even low back. TMJ disorder may also cause tingling of the fingers and toes.

The cause of TMJ disorder varies. In some cases, years of teeth grinding wear down the molars, so teeth no longer fit together properly. This can put undue stress on the jaw joints. The opposite is also true: Misalignment of the TMJs can lead to clenching and grinding teeth — a condition called bruxism. This will only increase the problem. Injury, heredity, and stress may also disturb the TMJs.

If you suffer from TMJ headaches or other symptoms, a mouthguard may alleviate the condition. Dr. Pannu, as well as the general dentists and specialists at Pannu Dental Care, often create custom mouthguards to hold the temporomandibular joints in proper position and reestablish harmony between the joints, teeth, muscles, and nerves. In some cases, building up worn molars with crowns can correct a misaligned bite and relieve pressure on the jaw joints.

Don’t let jaw pain, chronic migraines or headaches, and other TMJ symptoms get the best of you. Call Pannu Dental Care in San Jose, Cupertino, Dublin, or Fremont to schedule your consultation with our experienced TMJ dentists. You deserve a smile that looks and feels sensational.

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