The dog ate my homework… err my Invisalign aligners!

Dr. Pannu! I don’t mean to be cliché but I caught my dog masticating on them the other day and it was too late for me to save it! It is the 16th set of the series. I know I will need to eventually use it but can I just skip to 17th from the 15th? If not, how much will you charge me for this?”

- Alex from Fremont

“It happens once in a while that a patient might have lost an aligner, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of them being chewed on by a dog. I would recommend you to wear number 17, it may feel tight for a day or so, but you will be eventually able to fit in it. In your case we need another round of Invisalign sets anyways, which is called case refinement. This procedure takes care of any more discs that need to be addressed because you are so close to the enhancement. However, if the last aligner #17 doesn’t fit, please let us know and we shall take new impressions. There is no charge for this. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your dog. It was my comic relief for the day.”  – Dr. Pannu dalvir pannu

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