The best dental implant may be your own tooth!

Most people have heard of tooth implantation, but what about tooth transplantation?

In short, transplantation means that the best dental implant may be your own tooth!

In general, there are three ways to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth: fixed bridgework, dental implants, and removable partial dentures. Dental implants are titanium posts that are placed inside the jawbone to serve the same purpose as natural teeth roots. Transplantation takes the same idea as traditional dental implants, but uses the patient’s own tooth as a kind of “natural” implant.

This process, called autotransplantation, involves the removal of a tooth in one area of the mouth that is then placed into the area of the original missing tooth.

There are many reasons for tooth loss, including extensive damage due to deep decay, advanced gum disease, traumatic injury, and root damage. In most cases, it is preferable to have the tooth replaced. If you are healthy and all of the proper conditions exist, autotransplantation can be a good option.

Research shows that autotransplantation is most successful in young (30 years or less) patients that are in good general and oral health. Don’t let your age discourage you from replacing a tooth naturally, though. Call Pannu Dental Care, located in Dublin, Fremont, Cupertino, and San Jose, California, to reserve your consultation appointment.

There are many options when replacing a tooth or several missing teeth. Let Dr. Dalvir Pannu help you decide which restorative measure is the best for your specific dental needs.

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