Invisalign for a Very Special Young Movie Star

Can you tell I am wearing Invisalign from Pannu Dental?

Unlike many adolescents his age, wearing traditional braces was not an option for Karan Brar. Brar, who played Chirag Gupta in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies and Ravi Ross in Disney’s TV series JESSIE, is a 13-year-old actor. Because he is often on set filming his TV show and movies, Invisalign, which is […]

Upper Occlusal Clincheck SS SJ PT

Invisalign Works! Check this out!!!

Invisalign Gave Her The Confidence And A Perfect Smile

“Honestly, Dr. Pannu is the best dentist I’ve had all my life!! I’ve always been insecure about my teeth and smile. As I got older, I decided to so something about it. Before deciding to start my treatment with Dr. Pannu, I consulted with other orthodontist. I was told by two other dentists that Invisalign […]

D.M Perfect Smile Makeover clincheck

Invisalign resolved the moderate crowding

Having a set of crowded and crooked teeth can be very uncomfortable and awkward for a person. Especially so for this young lady who wanted to get a new look smile to her face. So with a few visits to Dr Pannu’s office she was satisfied with the outcome of the Invisalign treatment given to […]

No more crooked smiles…thanks to Invisalign

This young man from Union City had a very crooked set of teeth. He did not want braces due to its metallic look. Elite Invisalign provider Dalvir Pannu helped him achieve this perfect smile.

Clear Braces are a clear alternative to Metal Braces

NL, San Jose wanted straighter teeth but was concerned about her appearance. She asked us and we advised her clear braces, the highest quality esthetic braces in the industry. We live in a very image conscious society  and impresions are made within seconds. Straightening teeth  makes a difference and can break or make chances of getting […]

High canine corrected by Invisalign Elite provider Dalvir Pannu DDS

Invisalign is a series of clear, removable teeth aligners that both orthodontists and dentists use as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces. Invisalign is designed, manufactured, and marketed by Santa Clara-based medical-device company Align Technology, Inc. Align says that over 35,790 doctors are trained to provide Invisalign treatment in the U.S., with 48,130 doctors […]

Thumbsucking damage treated by Preventive Orthodontics

AG had a anterior open bite due to thumb sucking. The bite was corrected by preventive orthodontic treatment at Pannu Dental Care. Children suck on things because sucking is one of a baby’s natural reflexes and as infants get older it serves many purposes. It may make them feel secure and happy and helps them […]