Photographic Case Report- Implant supported Maxillary Denture

DK came all the way  from Sacramento to Dr. Pannu’s Fremont office  for problems with her old dentures. Gum sores, loose dentures, difficulty speaking and hesitancy chewing  favorite foods were the chief complaints. Implant supported dentures were recommended by Dr Pannu. Southern Dental Implants system was used for this wonderful result. The entire team at Pannu Dental Care is extremely […]

Ghazal Maestro Ghulam Ali visits Pannu Dental Care

Ghulam Ali, the singing sensation has enthralled audiences all over the world for almost four decades now. His “Chupke Chupke Raat Din Aasoon Bahana Yaad Hai…” was a superhit Ghazal, whose words still haunt. And the man behind that voice still stays as elusive as he ever was.His background as a Thumri singer makes him […]

History of Dentures… Article By Dr. Dalvir Singh Pannu

What is a denture? Dr. Pannu- A tooth or teeth can be replaced with either a fixed or a removable prosthesis. A denture is a removable replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. Complete dentures replace all teeth while partial dentures replace one to several teeth. What is the history of dentures? Dr. Pannu-Replacements for […]