Improve your smile with Porcelain Veneers

If you’re looking for a more perfect smile, then you might want to consider veneers. Popular among movie stars and other celebrities, veneers let you change the appearance of your teeth as dramatically as you want. Veneers let you brighten your teeth and straighten your smile – you can even change the size and shape […]

Is Teeth Whitening right for you?

Advanced dental techniques now provide consumers with exciting, new options for enhancing their smiles. Revolutionary methods are now available for bleaching teeth to make smiles sparkle! Teeth bleaching or whitening lightens the color of teeth whether darkened from age, coffee, tea or tobacco. Its brightening effects can last up to five years after the treatment […]

Dr. Nguyen discusses treatment for Baby Caries (Infant Tooth Decay)

Dr. Andrew Nguyen discusses tooth decay in infants and children more commonly known as baby bottle tooth decay. It can destroy the teeth and most often occurs in the upper front teeth. But other teeth may also be affected. Decay occurs when sweetened liquids are given and are left clinging to an infant’s teeth for […]

Combo treatments: Crowns, Caps and Invisalign (Is it possible?)

Hi Dr. Pannu! I had a crown done a few years ago that aesthetically helped the appearance and strength of my teeth. However, I still have some problems with crowding and although I know that even if the artificial tooth is cemented properly, I want to know if Invisalign will dislodge the tooth. Can you please […]

Invisalign works on existing Crowns and Caps

People who have done prior treatments like root canal or crown are good candidates for Invisalign / Braces as well. Initially, the patient was hesitant and was scared that the crown may come off during the treatment but as you can see, Invisalign worked really well for him. Check out his before and after pictures. He […]