Extreme Smile Makeover

This patient had large spaces in the front teeth [Pathologic migration of teeth due to moderate periodontitis] Osseous Surgery and bone grafting was done by our staff Periodontist- Dr. Obiechina, followed by cosmetic treatment by Dr.Pannu. “Dr.Pannu is a wonderful dentist who always gives personal care to his patients. He changed my awful smile into […]

Right Lateral View SS SJ PT

Invisalign Treatment SN of Fremont

INVISALIGN corrects spacing(DIASTEMA) C Fremont

Spacing(Diastema) treated with Invisalign CH of Fremont

SM Invisalign Treatment

Overjet corrected with INVISALIGN

Invisalign Works! Check this out!!!

Are Invisaligners sharp on the gums?

Frequently Asked Question for the Day: “I am concerned about the pain of the aligners. Are they sharp on the gums? I had braces in my teens , I am now 39 and my teeth have shifted. Will they work for´╗┐ me at my age and how loose will my teeth feel when I take […]

Anterior Open Bite treated with Invisalign