Right Lateral View SS SJ PT

Upper Occlusal Clincheck SS SJ PT

Overjet corrected with INVISALIGN


Invisalign Works! Check this out!!!

If the aligners don’t fit…

Dr. Pannu, I tried to put in my second upper Invisalign tray tonight and I can’t get it in.  I’m starting to wonder if there’s something not right with the aligner itself. I am going to leave my first one in over night. Please let me know what to do when you get a chance. Thank […]

Can I shorten the time frame of my Invisalign use?

Asked by VRK from Fremont, California “Hello Dr. Pannu! I am currently on my 2nd set of Invisalign aligners.  I feel tight only on the 1st day or so after I start using a new set, and after that, I don’t feel a lot of pull.  I am wondering if instead of wearing each set for […]

Are Invisaligners sharp on the gums?

Frequently Asked Question for the Day: “I am concerned about the pain of the aligners. Are they sharp on the gums? I had braces in my teens , I am now 39 and my teeth have shifted. Will they work for me at my age and how loose will my teeth feel when I take […]

Overlapping teeth corrected with Invisalign in Fremont office

TM had severe crowding in lower arch, and upper front teeth were overlapped. Invisalign was done without any extraction and she is very proud to display her beautiful smile now. This treatment was done in our Fremont office.

Moderate Crowding treated by Invisalign

MK was very nervous before starting Invisalign. Before visiting our office, she was advised that Invisalign can’t treat this severity of crowding. She was recommended Invisalign at Pannu Dental Care. Here is the stunning result, one tooth in the lower arch was extracted as can be seen in the following video clincheck. Also the silver amalgam […]