Steven’s Invisalign success story

The pain and unsightliness of traditional metal braces often avert adults from getting treatment that they really need. For Steven L. of San Jose, those were his exact fears, but because of Invisalign, he was able to get a fresh new smile without having to endure either of those issues.

Invisalign works! Just look at my teeth, if you see before and after. I recommend it highly, and there’s different cases for different people, so definitely get it checked out first with Dr. Pannu. I highly recommend his office; he’s been great to me and so have his staff “, Steven said. “I highly recommend Pannu Dental for Invisalign!” 

Take Steven’s word for it and call a Pannu Dental location near you to schedule an Invisalign consultation. Dr. Pannu is an Invisalign elite preferred provider. Visit for more information.

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