Roger Craig Former 49er gets same day Cerec Veneer at Pannu Dental

One trait almost all celebrities have in their quiver of talents is their irresistible charisma that announces itself through their self-assured demeanor, poise and a dazzling smile. But when a broken veneer threatens to eclipse the beaming smile, what does the celebrity do? Well, not just a local celebrity but a top notch sportsman, a national celebrity –- winner of three Super Bowls!Craig, Roger - Autugraph

To get the glory of his pearly whites restored he starts from his home in Portola Valley, types 40880 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, on his GPS and heads towards Pannu Dental Group.

And lo and behold, the former 49er makes an entry into the office on December 23, a day so busy for dentists that they would prefer to forgo blinking their eyes than to lose a few precious seconds. With oscillating expressions of amazement, awe and pride the front desk staff greets Roger Craig courteously. He explains his predicament and is prepared to dunk his teeth into the goey impressions and wait patiently for days, even weeks to get a veneer. But it turns out to be a day of surprises – of course pleasant ones – for him.

craig-roger-after-2-300x200Living in the hub of technology where scientific advancements are giving a tough competition to the realm of magic, it is difficult to be startled by scientific procedures or instruments. Yet Craig exclaims amazing, not one, two but at least six times while witnessing the efficiency and time saving, hassle saving convenience offered by the Cerec cad cam technology. Instead of being immersed in the traditional sticky gum – like substance, his teeth are left untouched by human hand. The only thing that touches them is the penetrating glance of the camera. Within seconds he is looking at the pictures of his tooth on the computer screen. He marvels at the avant-garde technique while regaling the dentist and his assistants with his football stories. Before the big hand of the clock completes a full circle, he is presented with his very own perfectly customized Cerec veneer.

With unmistakable satisfaction and relief, he is ready to leave. Once again he reiterates his compliment – “You run a first class operation. It’s great to be on your team.” We fondly remember our ten years of our edifying partnership with him.


Video Dec 24, 10 31 35 AM from Dalvir Pannu on Vimeo.

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