How to Reverse Your Perceived Age with Cosmetic Dentistry

With age comes wisdom, but no one relishes the idea of looking older. Over the years, inevitably, our skin loses collagen, which means it becomes less elastic. Wrinkles erupt. Our hair turns gray and begins to thin. Some people use products like specially formulated lotions and sprays in hopes of looking younger, while others look to herbal supplements to slow the aging process. In extreme cases, cosmetic surgery is performed to re-establish a youthful appearance. But there is another, more reliable and less invasive solution: cosmetic dentistry.

As we age, our bones degenerate, as do our teeth. The jawbone can lose its length and reduce the distance between the nose and mouth. Though you may think that lost front teeth are a primary cosmetic dental concern, lost teeth in the back of the mouth should also be replaced. Missing molars contribute to the shortened appearance of the jaw line, which makes a person appear older. Over time, the intense pressure of chewing foods wears down back teeth, as well, and this, too, leads to a shorter jaw line.

In addition to the jaw’s change in appearance, time also brings about discoloration of teeth.

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