The No-Fear, Conservative Root Canal

Contemporary dentistry has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. The theory of drilling and filling is long gone, and today, many dentists take a conservative approach to dental care, following the philosophy that you should keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. This conservative philosophy applies to many procedures, including root canal therapy.

While a root canal is invasive, the procedure actually saves a natural tooth from extraction. Keeping your natural tooth means that you can avoid replacing the tooth. If you chose extraction and did not replace the tooth, you’d face increased risk for additional tooth loss, as well as jawbone deterioration.

You see, teeth are living body parts. Each tooth in your mouth has a core made up of pulp, which refers to a bundle of nerves and tissue. This pulp allows nutrients to enter the tooth and sustain life, and it also removes waste products. Trauma, such as a significant blow, deep tooth decay, or a deep fracture, can compromise the pulp and lead to infection inside the tooth. Because teeth are hard and don’t allow for internal swelling, intense pain results. Oftentimes, people who have a serious toothache are suffering from infected pulp. The options, then, are to remove the tooth or repair the tooth. The only way to repair an internally infected tooth is to remove the infection and pulp.

During a root canal, tiny, precision dental instruments are used to remove dental pulp and clean the tooth of all infection. Then, a manmade substance is inserted into the tooth’s core to make certain the tooth is strong and stable. In most cases, a crown is placed atop the tooth after root canal treatment. Of course, without the pulp, the tooth is no longer alive. However, it can remain in place long-term if good dental health is maintained.

Before any procedure, whether a root canal, implant placement, or a smile makeover, your dentist at Pannu Dental Care will discuss your level of concern. Should you feel particularly apprehensive, sedation dentistry may be the best way to help you relax. Schedule a visit with one of the kind and qualified dentists at Pannu Dental Care today. With offices in Cupertino, San Jose, Fremont, and Dublin, CA, we’re convenient to these and surrounding communities.



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