Natural Looking Result of an Extreme Smile Makeover

Smile with Style. dentist dalvir pannu
Smile with Style

I had some previous work done by another dentist and I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the work.  I had two teeth missing on the bottom, and my gums and teeth were poorly aligned.
In Sept. of 2007, Dr. Pannu invited me to his office to see what he could do.  It was a great decision to take up his offer.  I had reservations about anyone working on my teeth again, as my previous Dr. left me a little skeptical, but Dr. Pannu’s knowledge and professionalism reassured me that I was in the right place.
He had to fill all 6 front teeth and redo the veneer on the top, do two implants on the bottom, and invisialign the bottom teeth.  He even re-sculptured my gums to make sure the teeth were aligned perfectly…and they are now!
The veneer work was excellent and it looks perfect now!  Well, the implants are done, the veneers are done, I have only 3 months left on my invisalign, and I couldn’t be happier.  I highly recommend Dr. Pannu and his staff for their knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy.The office is super clean and staff is so friendly , thank you very much
.” NTP

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