Make a good impression this Fall with a smile that dazzles

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When people meet you for the first time, they probably won’t remember what you were wearing, but they’ll never forget your stunning smile. So whether you’re the parent of a student who’s making new friends, or a professional who’s making connections, a dazzling smile can leave a lasting impression. Invisalign was designed by leading orthodontists, so it’s no wonder 9 out of 10 patients are satisfied with their treatment. Isn’t it time to let the best you shine through? Learn about Invisalign.

One clear solution, several ways to get it:

Finance Options
Learn about the process of estimating the cost of Invisalign. Find out which financing options you could qualify for to get the confident smile you want. Learn more here.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Get the facts about an FSA and discover how it could help you finance Invisalign treatment. Learn more here

FSA Calculator
Enter your tax information and estimate how much you could save on Invisalign with and without an FSA account. Calculate here

Dental Insurance
Check with your insurance provider to learn whether Invisalign is an eligible expense under your plan.

If you’re interested in learning how Invisalign can give you a new, natural-looking smile this Fall, call our office at (408)272-3330 and (510) 792-9292 or email us at for a consultation! We’d love nothing more than to help you discover a confidence in your smile that you’ve never known before.

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