Life Changing Impact of Jaw Expansion with Preventative Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

Here is a great testimonial that our office received recently.

Dear Dr. Pannu,

[S.S.] started his orthodontic work in January 2011 and since then we have noticed the following changes in him- little did we realize that orthodontic work can have such far reaching impact:

Beginning in March 2011, we found his snoring decrease a lot. His bed clothes were far less “crushed”. He actually slept through the night with his head on the pillow- earlier he would have turned 90 degrees and have his feet hanging over the side of his bed. His sleep had improved so much that he was better rested in the mornings and less grouchy. His teacher remarked in April that he was “settling in” nicely. The best part of it was he surprised us with a perfect 100% score in his Science STAR test that he took in May of 2011- he had scored significantly lower in his previous years and I think this improved “focus” is directly related to his improved sleep which is a result of his mouth closing properly during sleep.

Another issue [S.S.] ┬áhad (still there a little) is dry skin near and around his mouth- he would also have severe thirst issues as he slept with his mouth open, snoring. This used to flake badly and we had a bottle of extra virgin olive oil on his desk for him to apply always. Since March- April, we have seen considerable improvement in his “dry skin” issue. Even during the cold spell we had in August and September, his skin did not dry out as much. I am going to observe this during this winter to conclude that this has also improved.

Another problem he used to have was occasional bed wetting. This used to make him feel very bad and lose confidence. Since the start of his treatment he has not wet his bed even once.

I want to take this special season of Diwali to thank you and your staff for making a big difference in our child’s life.




M.S. [patients mother]

- Santa Clara

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