Invisalign straightens crowded teeth

If your teeth are overly spaced, crowded, or somewhere in between, the team at Pannu Dental can give you something to smile about. Recently, Dr. Pannu treated a young lady from Fremont with Invisalign. Before treatment her smile was overly crowded. Now, after treatment, her new smile is superbly aligned and as you can see, she radiates confidence!

“I am very happy with the work that Dr. Pannu and his workers did with my teeth. I am no longer embarrassed to smile or show my teeth,” Y.P. of Fremont, said.

Before Invisalign

The patient's confident smile after treatment


If your smile is suffering from a similar crowding problem, Dr. Pannu can help. If left untreated, overly crowded teeth can get worse over time and may eventually lead to plaque accumulation, tooth decay and an increased chance of gum disease. With offices in San Jose, Cupertino, Fremont and Dublin, Pannu Dental is conveniently located to help you get the healthy, confident smile you’ve been dreaming about. Call our dental offices today and schedule your Invisalign consultation.


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