Introducing iTero™ Digital Impressions!

Pannu Dental is proud to introduce iTero, a revolutionary digital dental impression system. We are always looking for new ways to improve our patients’ experiences by investing in the latest technologies. That’s why we are very excited about our new digital scanner.

The iTero™ is a state-of-the-art machine that creates digital impressions of our patients’ teeth, replacing the need for conventional impressions. This process is fast and accurate, and will reduce our turnaround time of Invisalign™ aligners. Also, because iTero™  renders an exact 3D image of your teeth, we can create Invisalign trays that fit tighter and are more efficient in creating that perfect smile. Getting a digital scan is a completely comfortable experience for our patients – no more trays and no messy putty! With iTero™ you never have to suffer from the goop again.

Last week our staff had training on the new machine, and we are very excited to start using it! If you are interested in straighter teeth and the sound of braces or messy impressions doesn’t appeal to you, call 1-800-360-9250 to book your Invisalign consultation today!

Dr. Hatami and dental assistant Ritesh use iTero to take a patient’s impressions in our Cupertino office

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