If the aligners don’t fit…

Dr. Pannu,

I tried to put in my second upper Invisalign tray tonight and I can’t get it in.  I’m starting to wonder if there’s something not right with the aligner itself. I am going to leave my first one in over night. Please let me know what to do when you get a chance.
Thank you!
C from Fremont
P.S. I’m not having problems with the bottom aligners. They fit fine.

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Dear C,

Due to your severe crowding, this is expected every time you change the upper aligners for the first few months. Manufacturing defects are extremely rare in Invisalign aligners.

I recommend using a mirror to guide you in the insertion of your aligners since there’s a great chance that you may be pressing the back portion of the aligners in the wrong areas.

Try to insert from different possible angles by putting it in the front teeth (anteriors) first. Look in the mirror if the back edge of the aligner is dangling towards the palate or the cheeks, and then push the back part of the aligner towards the proper seating.

If that doesn’t work still, insert the left back first, and keep on pressing it towards the anterior (front teeth), making the full arch of the aligner seat onto the full arch of the teeth… If that doesn’t work, do the opposite and start from the right back part.

Different arches have different angles for easy insertion/removal. Hence this process is not the same for all the patients. But believe me; it gets really easy after you get the hang of doing it.

If you have tried everything possible but still have difficulties then please come to the office and I shall help you put it on. After using some series of aligners, this process will become a piece of cake for you.

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