Fluorosis : Cosmetic Veneers Brightens Smile

Dental fluorosis is a health condition caused by an overdose of fluoride. In its severe form it is characterized by black and brown stains, as well as cracking and pitting of the teeth.

Dental fluorosis was first reported by two dentists in 1916 . By 1931 there was extreme concern about what was called ‘Colorado Brown Stain’ and ‘Texas Teeth‘. It is now called ‘dental fluorosis’. In that year three independent groups of scientists showed conclusively that the areas with this condition had high levels of fluoride in their water. Dental fluorosis occurs because of the excessive intake of fluoride either through fluoride in the water supply, naturally occurring or added to it; or through other sources. The damage in tooth development occurs between the ages of 6 months to 5 years, from the overexposure to fluoride. Teeth are generally composed of hydroxyapatite and carbonated hydroxyapatite; when fluoride is present, fluorapatite is created. Excessive fluoride can cause yellowing of teeth, white spots, and pitting or mottling of enamel. Fluorosis cannot occur once the tooth has erupted into the oral cavity. At this point, fluorapatite is beneficial because it is more resistant to dissolution by acids (demineralization).

Our patient Ms. KD, who had stains on her teeth caused by fluorosis could smile a whole lot better after getting veneers.

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