Fear of the Dentist Tops the Charts; Let Your California Dentist Help

Dental phobia and fear are very real. In fact, according to a recent piece of research by the British Dental Health Foundation, visiting the dentist makes people more nervous than snakes or spiders.

While this statistic may be hard to believe, it’s true! In the lead up to National Smile Month 2011, the Foundation asked 1,0004 people what makes them the most nervous from a list including heights, flying, injections, doctors, snakes, spiders, going to the hospital, and visiting the dentist. More than 1 in 5 people rated visiting the dentist as the thing that makes them the most nervous.

A fear of heights topped the poll of biggest fears, closely followed by visiting the dentist and going to the hospital. Snakes were ranked fourth, while spiders came fifth.

Clearly, a large number of people suffer from fear of the dentist, and, unfortunately, that means that people are not getting the care they need simply because they’re afraid.

Dr. Dalvir Pannu, a cosmetic, general, and restorative dentist, can offer an effective solution: sedation dentistry.

With several sedation methods to choose from, you can feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your dental procedure. At your sedation dentistry consultation, Dr. Pannu will talk with you about your concerns and medical history. Then, he will discuss sedation options that best suit your situation and needs.

Together, you and Dr. Pannu will design a treatment plan that only has you anxious about seeing your brand new smile, not anxious about the procedure itself.

Call Pannu Dental Care, located in Fremont, San Jose, Cupertino, and Dublin, California for more information about sedation dentistry and how to overcome dental fear.

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