Dr. Pannu participates in Bike to Work Day 2012

To get the community interested in bike commuting and active transport, on May, 10 2012, the bay area participated in Bike to Work Day in honor of National Bike Month. This year, participation was up by 20% and to promote the event, Dr. Pannu participated in the Bike to Work Day & Sevathon torch lighting ceremony at the Indian Community Center in Milpitas. The ceremony featured Indian National Bike Team champion, Pritpal Singh and helped raise awareness for Indian-Americans to adopt an active lifestyle.  The ceremony was organized by Diana Rohini La Vigne and participants included Raju Reddy, Nisar Ahmed, Pavan Namburi, Nimesh Jaspal, Sunil Vemuri, Nidhi Wadmark, Ustav Mohata and Sudhakar Sukumar.

The Indian American community supports Bike to Work Day by participating in a bicycle convoy at the India Community Center!

The next Bike to Work Day will be on May, 9 2013. To learn more, visit www.youcanbikethere.com. For more information about the Sevathon, visit www.indiacc.org/Sevathon.

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