Dr. Nguyen discusses treatment for Baby Caries (Infant Tooth Decay)

Before  DS Cupertino.adult dentist

Before DS Cupertino

Dr. Andrew Nguyen discusses tooth decay in infants and children more commonly known as baby bottle tooth decay. It can destroy the teeth and most often occurs in the upper front teeth. But other teeth may also be affected. Decay occurs when sweetened liquids are given and are left clinging to an infant’s teeth for long periods. Many sweet liquids cause problems, including milk, formula and fruit juice. Bacteria in the mouth use these sugars as food. They then produce acids that attack the teeth. Each time your child drinks these liquids, acids attack for 20 minutes or longer. After many attacks, the teeth can decay. Watch how

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After DS Cupertino

to prevent this and know that this is something that we can treat and care for at the Pannu Dental Clinics.

dentist dalvir pannu

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