Does Your Mouth Make Your Head Hurt?

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, earaches, and/or jaw pain, the problem might start with how your back teeth fit together. Our upper and lower teeth should fit like puzzle pieces when our mouths are closed. But nature isn’t perfect. Few people are gifted with perfect dental occlusion.

Why is an imperfect bite problematic?

If your upper and lower back teeth bump and wear on each other when you chew food, over time, they’ll wear down. In some situations, back teeth chip and fracture. In addition, your jaw joints may not ever be seated in a completely relaxed position. This causes stress in jaw muscles and surrounding nerves. The stress leads to pain, manifested not only in the head and jaw, but as far reaching as the arms and legs.

How can a bad bite be corrected?

At Pannu Dental Care, our general dentists and dental specialists work together in an interdisciplinary approach to correct occlusion and restore a proper bite. The jaws and teeth are the primary focus of treatment. Building up back teeth with restorative dental crowns can correct how upper and lower teeth fit together. If properly addressed, the corrective restorations will allow the jaw joints to rest in ideal position, thus relieving stress on muscles and nerves. In short, the problem will be corrected.

What’s the first step?

Call Pannu Dental Care in Fremont, Dublin, Cupertino, or San Jose to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. We’ll discuss your concerns and provide a thorough examination, then review treatment plan options with you.

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