Dental Implant Treatments: To travel or not to travel?

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Mrs. P from Fremont, California

“Hello Dr. Pannu! Is there a website where I can get more info on implants? Also, does Delta cover this treatment? How expensive is an implant treatment? I have heard in the past that implants are so expensive that some people opt to go to India to acquire such treatment. I think some doctors there have devised a “Dental Tourism Program” which incorporates implants, whitening and cosmetic dentistry treatments while giving patients the ability to enjoy their trip and do lots of shopping and sight seeing and then come back with a beautiful smile and save a fortune. Is this true? Can you enlighten me more about this concern? Thanks for any help or suggestion.”

Dr. Pannu Says –

You can get complete information about dental implants here:

This site includes actual patient case reports representing different scenarios.

Dental implants are covered quite frequently these days by insurance companies if preauthorized appropriately. If not, there are no-interest-long-term payment plans available. The best method to replace the missing teeth is to get dental implants because they are a lot easier on the adjacent natural teeth as opposed to attaching a bridge. Also they provide much more stability and retention in fully edentulous (denture) cases.”

“Yes, lots of people go to India, Mexico, Russia and other countries to get such procedures done for a lesser cost. Just make sure to have plenty of time on hand during such trip, as you don’t want a rush-job on permanent procedures like these. You also have to take into consideration that there is healing time involved which may affect the overall experience and quality of your trip. It is also extremely beneficial and necessary to coordinate the treatment plan between the doctor treating you in a foreign country and your family dentist in the USA, as such major procedures would require meticulous post-operative follow-up and maintenance.”

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Computer monitor Xray shows the implant for accurate positioning during the surgery.

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