Are Dental Bridges Right for You?

Do you have a tooth that needs to be replaced? Many people lose teeth due to injury, disease, or poor oral health. Besides embarrassment or lack of self-esteem, missing teeth cause more serious problems. Missing teeth lead to a change in facial shape, problems chewing, and even loss of other teeth. Mouth pain can also result as your other teeth try to compensate. Luckily, many options exist to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are a very good option to replace missing teeth, however, they’re not for everyone. Dental implants can take months and require multiple dental visits to complete. Some patients cannot endure the implant procedure, or require preparatory procedures to become an implant candidate. For many, a dental bridge is the best solution.

A porcelain dental bridge replaces one or more teeth in a row. Bridges are anchored to existing teeth with crowns on either side. Furthermore, bridges are a fixed in place, meaning that they cannot be removed by the patient. Bridges may also be secured to dental implants, rather than crowned natural teeth.

Dental bridges can sometimes be fitted in a single office visit and often are more affordable than other tooth replacement options. If you have a tooth that needs to be replaced, contact us today and let us help restore your smile and prevent permanent damage. We will also pinpoint any underlying problems and make sure your smile stays beautiful.

Pannu Dental Care has a team of general dentists and dental specialists to assess dental bridge patients, plan implant placement, and carry out complete dental implant procedures in Cupertino, San Jose, Fremont, and Dublin, CA. If you’d like to know more about dentures stabilization, call the Pannu Dental Care visit closest to you.


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