Congrats Sonya- The Dental Hygienist

We are very proud of Sonya who is now an offical Dental Hygienist .  She has been working with our team for more than four years.  Now What does a Dental Hygienist do?  The response to the query, what does a dental hygienist do?, is multifaceted. The dental hygienist job description is indeed quite complex given that any dental hygienist’s duty falls into various spheres including pre-procedure care, in-office treatment of dental patients and post-procedure care.

During a dental appointment, a hygienist typically removes soft and hard deposits from a patient’s teeth; examines the gums and teeth to discern the presence of disease or oral abnormality; and strips the teeth of calculus (tartar), stains and plaque. A dental hygienist often performs as well root planing (a type of periodontal therapy), takes x-rays and applies cavity-deterring agents (fluoride or sealants).

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