Clear Braces are a clear alternative to Metal Braces

NL, San Jose wanted straighter teeth but was concerned about her appearance. She asked us and we advised her clear braces, the highest quality esthetic braces in the industry. We live in a very image conscious society  and impresions are made within seconds. Straightening teeth  makes a difference and can break or make chances of getting certain opportunities.

Here is what she has to share about her experience, “My experience with clear braces has been quite extraordinary ! I knew for a very long time that I’d be needing braces, but I continued to put it off because I just didnt like the thought of having metal in my mouth. When Dr. Pannu told me about clear braces, I was a little confused and very curious. I had never seen anyone with clear braces; everyone I knew had metal braces. At first, I thought how they’d look and how obvious they would be, but when Dr. Pannu showed me a model with the clear braces, I realized that they’re very subtle. I still, almost two years later, have people say, “What? You have braces?” when I mention anything about them. But other than the appearance, the impact has been great, as well. As you can see from the pictures, my teeth in the beginning were very crooked. Some people, including myself, thought that only a miracle would be able to fix them, but i still took the chance with the clear braces, and today, everyone’s just waiting for the braces to come off. Of course, having braces isn’t exactly easy. It’s necessary to be cautious of what you’re eating, and to stay away from hard foods or things like caramel or taffy. Unless you’re a very young child, it isn’t very hard to keep away from those types of food. Other than that, I’d say the clear braces have been one of the best things to happen to me in my life. I’m much more confident when I meet new people and it’s all thanks to these braces. Teeth should not be a reason for anyone to hide their personality, so clear braces are the way to go!!” NL, San Jose.

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