Children’s Dentistry that Makes Moms Smile

Your child’s smile is precious. It’s a treasure that will remain in your memory long after your little one has grown into an adult. While many parents pay close attention to their child’s health – you recognize a runny nose, strange cough, or skin rash – some don’t consider oral health as important. But it is.

Studies show, a healthy mouth promotes good overall health. Children, like adults, are susceptible to dental caries (which causes cavities) and gum disease. But they’re also prone to developmental dental problems and poor brushing and flossing habits. As children’s dentists, our Pannu Dental Care team of doctors understand developmental oral health, as well as common and not-so-common dental concerns in children.

Here are a few tips to help you take great care of your child’s oral health, from infancy through the teen years. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call one of our four Bay Area dental offices.

  • Clean your infant’s mouth each day by gently rubbing a moist, soft, terrycloth washcloth along the gums.
  • By the age of one, take your baby to your dental visits. This will acclimate the child to the dentist’s office early, so his or her first “real” visit won’t be a completely new experience. Be sure to let the office staff know, when booking your appointment, that your child will accompany you. At the visit, if your child is comfortable, the doctor may do a brief oral exam on the child, just to check for proper development.
  • If at any age your child has abnormality of the mouth, teeth, gums, or skin in the mouth, visit the dentist for an evaluation and consultation.
  • Around age three to five, depending on the child’s comfort level an attention span, your little one can begin six-month dental cleanings and checkups.
  • Dental decay in primary teeth can spread to surrounding teeth and developing primary teeth that lie beneath. It is important to address tooth decay in primary teeth, even though these teeth are not permanent. Besides, cavities can be painful!
  • Dental sealants, fluoride supplements, daily oral care, and limiting sugars and starches will help your child avoid tooth decay.
  • From the time the first tooth erupts and throughout childhood, your child needs adult supervision and direction with daily brushing and flossing. There are many fun ways to help your child enjoy daily oral care at home. Ask your hygienist for tips!
  • If the dentist recommends an orthodontic assessment for your child, be sure to keep the appointment for evaluation. Early, or interceptive, orthodontics could help your child avoid more extensive orthodontic treatment later in life.
  • If your child plays sports, he or she should wear a mouthguard at practices and games.

To schedule a children’s dental care visit for the kids you love most, call Pannu Dental Care in Cupertino, San Jose, Fremont, or Dublin. We will give you and your child the tools you need to develop excellent oral health – for life!

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