A stitch in time saves nine

“Can’t you save my teeth?”, an ailing grandmother’s beseeching request when she started losing her precious pearly whites motivated Dr. Mohamed Khaled to traverse years of academic education and training to specialize in periodontics. “It is a misnomer that with age it is natural to lose teeth. It is the bacteria that start weakening the […]

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Preserve your child’s tooth kingdom

How bizarre would it sound if we imagine a toddler going to a high school instead of a preschool. Would she fit into the ambiance of stern teachers, demanding hi-tech laboratories, lockers filled with hefty textbooks, and the labyrinth of corridors? We always imagine a young child in gentle, comfortable and fun-evoking environment of a […]

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We have a new logo!

Here it is! Our new logo! As part of our commitment to constantly improve, we recognized it was time for a new logo.  A lot of thought and consideration went into the new design, and we think it accurately reflects our dedication to staying on the cutting edge of modern dentistry by providing state-of-the art […]

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Happy 4th of July!

I’ve been fortunate to visit a few different countries in my lifetime, and I must say, although we’re not a perfect nation, America’s got it pretty good. Long live, America! Sincerely, Dr. Dalivr Pannu

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A Sure Investment in an Unstable Economy

When you think about a wise investment, the dentist probably does not come to mind. However, investing in your smile can have a serious, lasting impact on future healthcare costs and future job compensation. It makes sense that taking good care of your mouth today improves the potential to keep your natural teeth throughout life. […]


San Jose Branch: Creating smiles and saving lives

It was a hot summer day (July 15) at our bustling San Jose Clinic and although we were packed to the rafters with patients, our staff still made time to learn the basics of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Pannu Dental Clinic staff and employees not only pride themselves with first class dental treatments and technologies but […]

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