Congratulations- We are so proud of your strong Teeth (and gums)

Lakhwinder Singh showcases the magnificent strength of his teeth (and gums). Do you want to have such a strong dentition? Feel free to contact us for the secret to strengthen those pearly whites. And we can even ask Lakhwinder to give you one on one advise (If his busy schedule allows…..)

Gum Disease in Children?….Answers by Dr Dalvir Singh Pannu.

What is the most common disease in the world among kids? Polio? AIDS?Cancer? Malnutrition? Dr. Pannu- No, it’s gingivitis which, is inflammation of the gums. An estimated 98 percent of all young people have some degree of gum inflammation. Although gingivitis in children rarely causes a serious problem such as permanent tooth loss, it has […]