Can I shorten the time frame of my Invisalign use?

Asked by VRK from Fremont, California

“Hello Dr. Pannu! I am currently on my 2nd set of Invisalign aligners.  I feel tight only on the 1st day or so after I start using a new set, and after that, I don’t feel a lot of pull.  I am wondering if instead of wearing each set for 2 weeks, if I can change sets every 10 days or so.  That could make the total treatment period much shorter.  Would that be a good idea?  Please let me know. Thanks!”

Dr. Pannu:

“It’s common to feel more tightness for the first two/three days whenever a person starts on the new aligners. However you can’t decrease the total time frame per aligner. Even though you don’t feel the pressure after few days of wear, it doesn’t mean that it is not working. You need to give proper time for the root to move as well along with the crown portion of the tooth.”
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