Are Invisaligners sharp on the gums?

Frequently Asked Question for the Day:
“I am concerned about the pain of the aligners. Are they sharp on the gums? I had braces in my teens , I am now 39 and my teeth have shifted. Will they work for me at my age and how loose will my teeth feel when I take them out to eat or drink. I feel weird about that . Any input would be appreciated. ” – From Ms. M
Dr. Pannu:
“Invisalign aligners have minimal contact to the gums so you shouldn’t experience any gum irritation. Dental hygienists are keen on recommending this product. Your case belongs to the typical age group for Invisalign treatment. It’s never late to get started on Invisalign, as long as the periodontal (jaw bone) health allows. You may experience a little pulling pressure whenever you attempt to remove them. Overall feel should improve after two or three days.  Click here for more information and actual patient shots”

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