The Flossing Photo Contest is Back! Enter for Your Chance to Win the new iPad!!

Other than having great oral hygiene, this is your chance to be rewarded for taking care of your mouth! Dr. Pannu’s flossing photo contest returns for your chance to win the new iPad and other great prizes! All you have to do is get super creative the next time you floss and snap a photo […]

Steven’s Invisalign success story

The pain and unsightliness of traditional metal braces often avert adults from getting treatment that they really need. For Steven L. of San Jose, those were his exact fears, but because of Invisalign, he was able to get a fresh new smile without having to endure either of those issues. “Invisalign works! Just look at […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Pannu Dental

Here’s to you hardworking moms! Mother’s Day is a time to recognize all of the beautiful mother’s out there who have sacrificed so much to provide healthy, fulfilling lives for their children. So from the team at Pannu Dental, Thank You!! For Mother’s Day this year, Dr. Pannu had a very, very special guest on for […]

Dr. Pannu participates in Bike to Work Day 2012

To get the community interested in bike commuting and active transport, on May, 10 2012, the bay area participated in Bike to Work Day in honor of National Bike Month. This year, participation was up by 20% and to promote the event, Dr. Pannu participated in the Bike to Work Day & Sevathon torch lighting […]

Flying high with Invisalign

As a certified flight instructor, Angela B. of San Jose is used to soaring above the rest, so when her teeth were not, she knew she had to do something. Angela, who is Dr. Pannu’s flight instructor at Trade Winds Aviation, sought the help of Pannu Dental to help give her the smile she always […]

Invisalign straightens crowded teeth

If your teeth are overly spaced, crowded, or somewhere in between, the team at Pannu Dental can give you something to smile about. Recently, Dr. Pannu treated a young lady from Fremont with Invisalign. Before treatment her smile was overly crowded. Now, after treatment, her new smile is superbly aligned and as you can see, […]

Large spaces closed with Invisalign

Invisalign is a great way for patients to get a perfect, confident smile without the hassle of wearing traditional metal braces. People of all ages with a broad range of orthodontic issues can be treated with Invisalign. Recently, Dr. Pannu treated a 27-year-old male who had large spaces between his teeth. The patient, who is one of more […]

Pannu Dental Welcomes Dr. Gurminder Sidhu, Dental Radiologist, as Managing Dentist of Dublin Location

The Dublin office of Pannu Dental is pleased to welcome and introduce its newest managing dentist, Dr. Gurminder Sidhu. Dr. Sidhu comes with a wealth of experience within the dental industry, specializing in oral and maxillofacial radiology — an area of dentistry concerned with the implementation and interpretation of dental imaging. Dr. Sidhu holds a […]

Life Changing Impact of Jaw Expansion with Preventative Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

Here is a great testimonial that our office received recently. Dear Dr. Pannu, [S.S.] started his orthodontic work in January 2011 and since then we have noticed the following changes in him- little did we realize that orthodontic work can have such far reaching impact: Beginning in March 2011, we found his snoring decrease a […]

Invisalign for a Very Special Young Movie Star

Can you tell I am wearing Invisalign from Pannu Dental?

Unlike many adolescents his age, wearing traditional braces was not an option for Karan Brar. Brar, who played Chirag Gupta in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies and Ravi Ross in Disney’s TV series JESSIE, is a 13-year-old actor. Because he is often on set filming his TV show and movies, Invisalign, which is […]