The best dental implant may be your own tooth!

Most people have heard of tooth implantation, but what about tooth transplantation? In short, transplantation means that the best dental implant may be your own tooth! In general, there are three ways to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth: fixed bridgework, dental implants, and removable partial dentures. Dental implants are titanium posts that […]

Can you benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

Look at your smile in the mirror, and ask yourself the following questions: 1.     Do you see stains? 2.     Are your teeth dull or darkened? 3.     Are there gaps and spaces? If so, are they uneven? 4.     Do your teeth seem out of line with each other? 5.     Are your teeth crooked or go different […]

White Crowns for BEAUTIFUL Smiles

Gone are the days when a dental crown meant sacrificing your all-white smile. Now, to repair a damaged tooth, a white porcelain crown can keep your smile looking natural and beautiful. What is a porcelain dental crown? A porcelain dental crown is an all-ceramic crown placed over the top of an damaged tooth to return […]