Right Lateral View SS SJ PT

Upper Occlusal Clincheck SS SJ PT

What is Invisalign Case Refinement?


Baby bottle caries treated with anterior resin crowns

DS, a 4 yr oldĀ patient was seen in our Cupertino office for treatment of nursing caries. Dr Andrew Nguyen, our staff Pedodontist did the beautiful work of four anterior resin crowns and few posterior metal crowns. This treatment was done in single sitting of about 2 hours under general anaesthesia in our Cupertino office. Patient […]

Invisalign Treatment SN of Fremont

INVISALIGN corrects spacing(DIASTEMA) C Fremont

Spacing(Diastema) treated with Invisalign CH of Fremont

SM Invisalign Treatment

Overjet corrected with INVISALIGN