Keep Smiling

“Overall, everything went just the way I was hoping. Everyone was very helpful and kind which made my Invisalign phases a success. I’m glad I came to Pannu Dental Care for my dentistry.” MA, Union City

No more crooked smiles…thanks to Invisalign

This young man from Union City had a very crooked set of teeth. He did not want braces due to its metallic look. Elite Invisalign provider Dalvir Pannu helped him achieve this perfect smile.

Lumineers are custom crafted with tooth-like porcelain material

“It was the best service ever. I came to Dr. Pannu’s office with an awful smile. Earlier I was scared to show my teeth and now I can’t stop smiling. Dr. Pannu, Dr. Nazir and Sunny did a great job. I did not feel any pain at all. The results are incredible. I cannot find […]

Tetracyline stains treated at Pannu Dental Care

“Dr.Pannu has been very helpful and the staffs here are very nice and friendly,” Annie.L Annie is a young beautiful girl from Fremont who was always hesitant to smile due to stained teeth. She had extremly dark stains from tetracyline antibiotic. It’s a fairly powerful antibiotic that kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, and it […]

Porcelain crown change the smile of this San Jose gentleman

Mr. SS had severe abrasion/erosion of enamel. Porcelain crowns were the treatment of choice.  The result is a very aesthetic smile. Tooth Erosion and abrasion are terms which refer to the loss of external tooth structure(enamel), but erosion means loss of the tooth structure by means of chemical agents and abrasion due to mechanical friction of the […]

Congrats Sonya- The Dental Hygienist

We are very proud of Sonya who is now an offical Dental Hygienist .  She has been working with our team for more than four years.  Now What does a Dental Hygienist do?  The response to the query, what does a dental hygienist do?, is multifaceted. The dental hygienist job description is indeed quite complex […]

Dental Implants- Extreme Smile Makeover

“…When other professionals said it couldn’t be done, Dr. Pannu did it. A very talented doctor who has the experience to successfully do the almost impossible. He also provides a one stop shop doing the entire implant procedure including the tooth so coordination of the work is much easier. He is also much easier on […]

How (and why) to take care of a Toothbrush?

One of the most common questions asked to a dentist is- Which toothpaste should i use? We surveyed few patients at our office, and found that most of the patients are unaware of the importance of a toothbrush. So we shall take care of the toothbrush answer in this blog today. The toothpaste answer will be posted […]

Head Gear treatment for a young student from San Jose

“I have worn this head gear over 8 months at first i didn’t like it. Then i got used to it. I worn it every day and every night.You should wear this head gear every day and every night if you do it will change you LIFE.I want to thanks everybody they changed my smile […]

Clear Braces are a clear alternative to Metal Braces

NL, San Jose wanted straighter teeth but was concerned about her appearance. She asked us and we advised her clear braces, the highest quality esthetic braces in the industry. We live in a very image conscious society  and impresions are made within seconds. Straightening teeth  makes a difference and can break or make chances of getting […]