Invisalign Close the spaces

Invisalign SmileMakeover for a San Jose student

“Before I was always afraid to show people my teeth until I started my treatment with Dr. Pannu. Even though I’m not yet finished with my treatment I can already notice a huge difference. I am now able to smile like never before. Dr. Pannu will continue to work on the minor adjustments and soon […]

Smile Makeover at Pannudental Care

“Patient had Fluorosis stains and huge gap in the upper middle teeth. The space was closed with Invisalign and followed by Lumineers to mask the stains”

Invisalign Treatment

Smile Makeover at Pannudental Care

“Dr. Pannu is an excellent cosmetic & family dentist.  He provides the best service for his patients and has the magic fingers.  Before, I had to cover my teeth every time I smiled.  Since, Dr. Pannu fixed my teeth, I am more confident with my smile without covering my mouth and I now have the […]

Smile Makeover at Pannudental Care

“….Overall I am satisfied with the result. I anticipate a longstanding  relationship with the practice. They have been helpful throughout the process. Thanks to Dr. Pannu for doing such a fine work….” AP, San Jose

Spaces closed by Invisalign

BD , San Jose was a happy camper today after finishing his 1 year Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Case Report

Please click the pictures to Zoom in to view this fantastic Invisalign result achieved at Pannu Dental Care, San Jose.  Invisalign Rocks! check this out. <td

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Pannu Dental Staff participates in Sikh Marathon 2007

Desi Nights Piedmont Hills School San Jose

It was a proud moment to see many of our Invisalign and braces patients performing at this Folk Dance event. The parents and bhangra coaches of these teams have displayed a magnificant commitment to keep this traditional Punjabi spirit alive.